This FMM/POM education site and its components are intended to help further explain and marshal support for the concepts outlined in Larry K. Mason‘s evolutionary book, “Invisible Hand“. The novel is available to all and you can read it for free right now here.

If you prefer to hold a printed book in your hands, you may order a copy by going to

Please share this book with your friends and/or donate it to your local library once you have read it, so that more people may come to understand this bold, user-friendly and much-needed new system.

Also, Larry created MP3 files of the chapters. To listen to the Novel in Larry’s own voice, or to download onto your ipod/MP3 player, please click here to visit the MP3 page.

Many of the companion articles, which further expound upon the book’s concepts, are available now, on the older site. They are currently being added to the site here, so check back or visit the Facebook group to contact us there is a topic we have not yet covered that you would like elaboration upon. The Facebook group was set up for direct public conversation with Larry and each other. Please join us!

Larry is very active in the Facebook group, and good about responding to questions and criticism.

You may visit the older site at for additional information, and the site at holds the original, largely unedited text of Invisible Hand.