Invisible Hand Alpha-Team is a group made up of a variety of people, in various fields and from all walks of life who are committed to making it possible for Physical Object Money to be replaced with Free Market Money, specifically as described in the novel Invisible Hand, by Larry K. Mason. It is our goal to translate the software road map presented in the book into FREE and possibly some open source community-based solutions. We intend to create applications that will not only demonstrate the concepts laid out in the book, but also put them to beneficial use while helping to create the framework for a system that can grow with technology. Without compromising the principals of Invisible Hand.

We are aware that some of the information in the book is not completely accurate by today’s actual technical standards, despite it’s seemingly prophetic insightful nature. We are addressing these issues and welcome your questions suggestions and concerns.


Invisible Hand NoPOM Reader

Invisible Hand NoPOM Reader is a an audio-based e-book version of the novel Invisible Hand, by Larry Mason. It is intended to aid in the interpretation of the book into ideas that can be implemented through computer programming. NoPOM Reader features narrated mp3 audio, full text, a text-to-speech reader, audio position bookmarking, chapter notes and a PDF version of Invisible Hand.

Recommended System Requirements

Download “Invisible Hand NoPOM Reader” Invisible-Hand-NoPOM-Reader_1.1.2.msi – Downloaded 133 times – 1 GB

MD5 hash: eae43538a79db780947b55f5624a20a9

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