In 1968 Garrett Harden published an article in the journal Science that pointed out that in a free market situation, independent parties, acting rationally, will deplete a shared, limited resource in their pursuit of their individual self interests. The example most usually given is that of a shared grazing land […]

The Tragedy of the Commons is Common

Years ago one of the running jokes that Johnny Carson had on The Tonight Show was that the television worked both ways. We could see him and he could see us. Today people don’t think that’s quite so funny. They own cell phones which allow one to record live video […]

Privacy in the World to Come

"He who steals my purse steals trash, but he who steals my good name takes that which little enriches him but makes me poor indeed." Shakespeare wrote in Othello. Reputation was important in 1600 and still is today. When someone attacks your reputation, when someone insults you in public, when […]


“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?‘ ” ~~Martin Luther King, Jr. Christmas is fast approaching (it’s fast to me because I’m an old codger) and we see the Salvation Army out with their kettles and bell ringers. It is the time of the […]

Non-POM and Charity

You are a billionaire. You wouldn’t think of flying first class. Nothing so rushed and inconvenient as that. You take your private jet when you want to drop in on grandma for Christmas. You don’t stay in fancy hotels when you travel. You have your yacht if the destination is […]

Non-POM and the Rich

It used to be that if one wanted to drive a car one simply got in the car and gave it a try. If one wanted to hunt or fish one got the appropriate equipment and tested one’s luck. If one wanted to have a dog one asked a neighbor […]

Non-POM: May I see your License?

In a non-POM society, basic medical care will be available to everyone and they won’t have to pay for it. After all, medical care is a necessity for most people. In fact, medical care in the form of public health keeps most of us from being killed by plagues. But […]

Non-POM and Medicine

In today’s POM (Physical Object Money) economy, thousands of people are losing their homes. Bad loans, loss of jobs, unexpected medical bills, family emergencies and other factors have led to hundreds of thousands of families being at risk of homelessness. But even in the best of times there are people […]

Non-POM and the Homeless

“Concentrated power has always been the enemy of liberty.” ~~Ronald Reagan Don’t you wish you had power? You could get people to do pretty much what you wanted. The rich seem to have quite a lot of power. Presidents, popes, CEOs, and head coaches all seem to have a lot […]

Non-POM and Power

Is a non-POM form of money Constitutional? In regard to the U.S. Constitution, in the Article 1, Section 8 – the Powers of Congress it States: "Congress shall have Power… To coin Money,…" Later in Section 10 of Article 1 it States: "No State shall… coin money,…" Therefore, the Constitution […]

Non-POM and the U.S. Constitution