Non-POM Fears

A poll I once read described the fears people are experiencing in these unsettled economic times. The things listed that people fear include: losing their job, not being able to pay the bills, and losing their retirement money.

We all know that there are lots more economic things to fear than just those, unfortunately. For example, many people fear being evicted for not keeping up their mortgage payments. Others fear that the value of their own home is declining. People fear not being able to pay their tuition next semester. Many people are deeply in debt over their credit cards and are paying high interest rates. People are afraid that they will be unable to afford medical treatment. People are afraid that they will be cheated on the internet. People fear having their identity stolen and their money spent by someone else. A few people even fear that their bank will fail taking their money with it.

Of course, in a non-POM economy one would fear none of these things. One might be asked to stop working with a particular group of other people. But that would not prevent one’s working at something else or with other people. One never has any bills at all in a non-POM economy. There is no debt in a non-POM economy. One doesn’t pay for education or medical treatment. One might fear damage to one’s home as in a flood or storm but one never fears for it’s market price.

So is life in a non-POM economy care-free? Is there nothing to be afraid of in a non-POM society? I don’t think anyone would go that far. One still has the world of physical reality to deal with. One can still be injured or killed in an accident. One can still get sick. There will still be storms and earthquakes and volcanoes and other of nature’s upsets to deal with. There are even crazy people in a non-POM and though people would be paid for seeing that those suffering from mental illness do not damage others, there is still that chance. Parents in conflict with their teen-aged children might worry that their children will run away. After all, they will have no trouble getting the necessities of life without money. They will not have to turn to crime to survive. So there might be more runaways. Of course, the computer system would easily keep track of where they were and how they were doing so that would be a consolation.

But these fears are all things which are independent of economic systems, things which no economy can prevent. What kinds of things might one fear that are aspects of the unique system of the non-POM economy?

One can fear that the special luxury item one wants will be all sold out before one gets to the store. (Then one might have to wait a while or work out some trade with someone who bought eariler.) One might fear that one’s wife might leave since she is no longer dependent on her husband for the necessities of life. One might fear a lack of discrimination in one’s favor since discrimination results in lost income.

Yes, I do have to struggle to come up with things that are threatening with non-POM. Probably I am biased. But when money cannot be taken against your will that releaves lots of worries. When your necessities are provided at no cost to you, that is very reassuring. When other people can get money as a result of doing something good for me, that feels very good indeed. It’s really nice to be able to expect everyone to be on my side.

So though people (being human) will still wory about things, their worries will be "high class" worries.

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