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Chapter One: Coming Home
In which our unlikely hero lands squarely in the middle of a culture he hasn’t seen in over a decade; we learn the reason why; he meets a cute lady and a not so cute computer, and among other things, learns that however much other things may have changed, he will still have to wait in airports.

Chapter Two: Clark’s Joke
In which we meet Clark Minton and see the origins of his practical joke. Some joke. We also join a floundering political campaign and see it take a desperate gamble.

Chapter Three: Meeting Brianna
In which we discover Niall’s relationship with Brianna is not what it might be.

Chapter Four: Who’s the Joke On?
In which Clark’s joke works: too well, or not well enough?

Chapter Five: Fast Food
In which Niall finds out there is such a thing as a free meal and Tony tells something of his past.

Chapter Six: Passage
In which Clark goes to Washington, twice; things come to a head, and Lozelle leads the Granny Brigade.

Chapter Seven: Home Life
In which Niall has a nightmare, wakes up, and has another nightmare and breakfast.

Chapter Eight: Power of the President
In which the President reveals a source of power and Buddy has a change of heart.

Chapter Nine: Tourist
In which Niall sees some sights and begins to learn about Payers.

Chapter Ten: Farm Life
In which Lozelle works some deals, oil is produced, and Buddy hears from the Feds.

Chapter Eleven: Rose Says
In which Niall scoffs at homeschooling, looks for allies, and meets Rose, a mover and shaker, sort of.

Chapter Twelve: The Screws Tighten
In which even Presidential power has its limits, Buddy hangs in there, and Clark gets his ID.

Chapter Thirteen: Real Estate
In which Niall meets Jeeves, goes to market, meets Sam, and is turned down.

Chapter Fourteen: Countdown
In which tensions rise as the day of transition nears.

Chapter Fifteen: Reputation
In which Niall reveals something in order to rent a house, insults Sam, and explores his own guilt.

Chapter Sixteen: Invasion
In which the U.S. is invaded from Mexico. (Illegal immigration, sort of.)

Chapter Seventeen: Neighbors
In which Niall goes to the emergency room, sets up housekeeping, and Jeeves gives advice.

Chapter Eighteen: Reactions to Change
In which we meet quite a few people coping with the transition and something sinister is found.

Chapter Nineteen: Getting Work
In which Niall meets Enid and discovers maybe he doesn’t want a job after all.

Chapter Twenty: Takeover
In which control of the computer system is seized.

Chapter Twenty-One: Applying for Work
In which Enid finds something for Niall to do.

Chapter Twenty-Two: Adjustments
In which we see how various people have adjusted to the change.

Chapter Twenty-Three: At Work
In which Niall works with Jerome and a truck named Bart and finds out how to make oil.

Chapter Twenty-Four: The Others
In which we meet a patent attorney who is changing jobs.

Chapter Twenty-Five: Down on the Farm
In which Niall visits a successful working farm and buys a car.

Chapter Twenty-Six: Changing Jobs
In which we find Niall headed West seeking truth.

Chapter Twenty-Seven: A Night on the Town
In which Niall meets a bartender and some fellow jailbirds.

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Sent to the Office
In which Niall vicariously visits the Old West, meets some new friends, and has to go to the Principal’s office.

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Dorm Life
In which Niall finishes in the office, gets his books, and learns more about what happened while he was away.

Chapter Thirty: Return of Jean
In which Niall and Jean are together again and Niall discovers a new lead on what might be behind the computers, and where.

Chapter Thirty-One: History Lesson
In which Niall finds out why things went wrong.

Chapter Thirty-Two: Zero-Sum
In which Niall discovers that things are not what they seem with a POM and there’s work for everybody.

Chapter Thirty-Three: Self-Betrayal
In which we meet Mr. Sharpe and his staff and Niall tells the truth perhaps at some cost.

Chapter Thirty-Four: Oscar Confesses
In which Niall is rejected, accepted, and reflected.

Chapter Thirty-Five: Return of the Fat Man
In which the supply of demand is fedback, looping unstably… Or something like that.

Chapter Thirty-Six: Wendy’s Tale
In which Wendy reveals her guilt and becomes a true heroine.

Chapter Thirty-Seven: A Real Payer Talks
In which a veteran payer tells it like it is.

Chapter Thirty-Eight: Natalie anIn which Natalie tells her side and D.W., well… doesn’t.

Chapter Thirty-Nine: Field Trip
In which Jean, Natalie, and Niall meet some new folks.

Chapter Forty: Going to Town
In which Niall, Steve, and Arnie go shopping.

Chapter Forty-One: Meet the Mayor
In which we see how the other half lives and Natalie saves a life, or two.

Chapter Forty-Two: And a Child Shall Lead Them
In which Niall comes to the rescue, or is it Natalie?

Chapter Forty-Three: Heroes?
In which we learn who the hero(es) were.

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